Maine Maritime Academy sets sail for Iberia

Maine Maritime Academy sets sail for Iberia

The Maine Maritime Academy training ship State of Maine is scheduled to visit numerous ports across Iberia as part of a summer training cruise.

The voyage carrying 246 students, 50 faculty, ships crew and support staff set off on the first leg of the ship’s annual training cruise on May 10. This year’s itinerary includes scheduled visits to Lisbon, Cadiz, Alicante and fellow European ports including Rotterdam and Civitavecchia before returning to Maine in July.

According to sea time and instruction required by the international Standards for Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW) convention, the total cruise length is 70 days.

Students pursuing an officer’s license from the U.S. Coast Guard as a third mate or third assistant engineer are now required to train at sea for at least 300 days during their first three years at the academy. Freshmen and juniors sail aboard the State of Maine while sophomores are assigned to merchant ships worldwide.

The first phase of the cruise will carry 169 freshmen, 49 junior year student engineers and 28 junior year student deck officer candidates. On June 10, another cadre of 49 student engineers will join the ship in Lisbon and replace their classmates.