Spanish law change boosts LNG bunkering

Spanish law change boosts LNG bunkering

Spain has modified three of its natural gas laws in a boost to LNG bunkering operations across the country.

A new Royal Decree has been published with the aim of improving third party use of infrastructure. It further provides a regulatory structure for new services such as LNG bunkering, and for the procedure for closing gas infrastructure assets.

Calculations have also been provided for a new set of fees applied to LNG bunkering in Spanish ports as well as injections, withdrawals and storage of gas at the national Virtual Balancing Point (VBP).

Operators will have three months to convert existing contracts related to the Virtual Balancing Point (PVB), according to the Boletin Oficial del Estado (BOE).

The three previous decrees that have been modified are 949/2001 governing access and financial details of the gas system, 1434/2002 governing gas sector activities and 984/2015 governing the organized gas market.

In terms of LNG bunkering, the decree highlights the need to increase the usage of the country’s LNG infrastructure, by making capacity contracting more flexible while also maximizing income for the system.

At the same time, the move is designed to comply with EU directive 2014/94/UE regarding alternatives to petroleum-based fuels.

The growing market for LNG bunkering has Spain to clarify its existing tariff structure to apply it to the new service and also set out a framework for the new services which have no tariff structure already defined.