We are the first and only news site dedicated to the Iberian maritime sector.

We aim to report major maritime-related activities and events emerging across Portugal, Spain and associated regions. Iberia is regarded as the gateway to the Mediterranean and a place of immense maritime importance. Its influence on the world following the Age of Discoveries still resonates today with Portuguese and Spanish speaking communities spanning across Africa, Asia and South America.

MaritimeIberianews.com is operated by British and Portuguese PR and publishing firm Polaris Media Management Ltd, based in Lisbon, Liverpool and Manchester and supported by Iberian & Lusaphone partners.

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  • Supporting Businesses

    Iberia is widely regarded as Europe’s gateway to Africa and South America. So much interaction between these continents is sparked through business, yet goes unreported. Maritime has historically played a central role in connecting these diverse and far reaching territories. This remains the case today. We can help companies communicate to decision making audiences across Iberia and the community of Portuguese and Spanish speaking countries worldwide.

  • Reaching a Unique Audience

    The website is aimed at decision maker level businessmen and women, politicians and civil servants, academics and opinion formers across Iberia and the community of Portuguese and Spanish speaking countries. This audience is niche and hard to reach in one location. In addition, the website is supported by an newsletter with a growing list of influential readers.

  • Filling a Gap

    We aim to fill a gap in the market providing a news service that does not currently exist. It will report on activity across the rich and diverse maritime sector within Iberia along with selected news from Portuguese and Spanish speaking nations around the world.

  • Increases Awareness

    At its core MaritimeIberianews.com provides an exclusive platform boosting awareness and understanding of the Iberian, Portuguese and Spanish speaking maritime sectors, while encouraging trade, exports and inward investment.

  • Unique Research Portal

    The website search tool offers marine professionals, enthusiasts and researchers access to a unique, growing source of information.

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Latest News

  • Portugal and Cote d’Ivoire sign historic naval cooperation agreement

    Portugal and Cote d’Ivoire sign historic naval cooperation agreement

    Portugal and Cote d’Ivoire have signed an agreement on naval cooperation, according to Portuguese Defense Minister Joao Gomes Cravinho. The document, signed by the minister and his Ivorian counterpart Hamed Bakayoko, is the first defense agreement between Portugal and a non-Lusophone country. Neither of them is a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).